The White Ribbon Campaign


Never commit, condone or remain silent about violence against women...

The White Ribbon Campaign was set up by men who wished to take a stance and make a visible personal pledge, never to commit, condone or remain silent about violence against women.

The majority of men from all cultures and communities already disapprove of violent acts against women, but are often not confident about challenging it. 

We cannot end male violence against women and achieve gender equality without the active involvement of men and boys.  It's up to men to help create a culture in which violence against women is unacceptable, and to take active steps to challenge male violence against women in their families, workplaces and communities. 

So "take the White Ribbon Pledge and join thousands of other men in taking action to end violence against women".

Report Domestic Violence
- Don't ignore an incident of domestic violence or abuse - report it to Merseyside Police on 101. In an emergency, call 999
- If you have ever been violent or abusive towards a woman, call the RESPECT helpline on 0808 802 4040
- If you are suffering from domestic violence, don't suffer in silence, report it to the Independent Domestic Violence Advocate on 01744 743200

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