Stop'em in their tracks!

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We need your help to identify who is responsible for riding off-road bikes, quads and 'go-peds' in St.Helens!

We need to know;

  • Where it happened;
  • When it happened;
  • What the rider and vehicle looked like;
  • Where the vehicles are being stored;
  • Names if possible.

Off-road nuisance is a problem that is affecting the lives of many. The St.Helens Community Safety Partnership is determined to keep St.Helens safe from this nuisance. We need your help to identify who is responsible for riding the off-road vehicles and who owns them - so the police can then take action, either by serving notices on the riders or seizing the machines.

Report It

You can provide these details anonymously to Crimestoppers: 
Call: 0800 555 111

Or to Merseyside Police
Call: 101 








Nuisance can be caused by:

  • Off-road vehicles being illegally driven in any public place.

  • By road-registered vehicles being inappropriately driven anywhere other than a legally designated road or highway.

Off-Road Vehicles include:

  • Moto Cross

  • Trial and Enduro bikes

  • Mini-motos

  • Quad bikes

  • Electric scooters

  • Buzzboards

  • Gopeds

Or any other mechanically propelled vehicle which is built for use off-road and should not be used on public roads and pavements or in public spaces.

The law
All bikes including quad bikes, monkey bikes, scooters and small machines with a petrol engine and mini motors and go peds powered by an electric motor are classified as not suitable for use on roads or pavements. This means these bikes come under the laws for motorcycle safety. It does not matter how small the bike is, how slowly it travels or if it has been designed for children.

Remember it's your responsibility to ride legally.
Ignoring the law is no defence. Breaking the law can have serious consequences. You run the risk of:

  • Having your bike seized
  • Enforcement action
  • A heavy fine
  • A civil claim for injury

You are not insured to ride your vehicle on public land. If you do you risk your vehicle being seized and crushed by Merseyside Police.